Why Doeth The Malls Sit So Solitary That Was Once So Filled With People?

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

     -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and eight 03/25/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also, www.2016theauthenticparable.blogspot.com

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

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Seen to be living in malls happily shopping, 2016, see shoppers stranded overnight at malls just before massive flooding washed out a bridge
Seen to be seeing the word TREASURES, all black and blasted, 2016, see especially parts of Tennessee, or it greatest relics being consumed in raging flames, see alike infernos America' Midwest. Just this historic firestorm.
A Voice Lamenting This Command, Kill all parents by, just as we're all speeding toward this head on collision with death tolls 2001-2017, prophesied to be in the tens of millions, beware, Apb

-Why Doeth The Malls Sit So Solitary Who Where Once Filled With Thieves, Robbers And Mass Victims? www.theissueofblackbowls.blogspot.com

     -The death of retail and commerce as has been prophesied these thousands of years, the fall of one of three of this unholy trinity of abandoning God days without numbers. I witness recently as a huge container that finished Saddam Hussein, into Hussein Obama's two weeks and seven years timetable. Just these ill gotten gains measured in mountainous blood, regardless of it's economic apocalypse upon the world Trump's America yet cry, for every time they lament Trump, make America great again, it is to be interpreted, spill more and more foreign blood, foreign soil, lying, stealing, killing and destroying, we need more!
-No wonder Jesus promised the believer mansions in heaven, all here are thieves and robbers, where unlike treasures this temporary, moth nor rust can corrupt. Nor can thieves break though and steal, for where a man treasures are, now say it again with me, for where a man treasures are, so is his heart. So if you're wondering why world gains just isn't doing it for you, religion, politics, voting booths, wall street, Dr. Fields's mind bending, Olsteen and their mega churches. It is by such lying murderers the heart is made bitter, life and soulless, that even in your vanity, vainly reaching at winds, accursed, Christ died for all of you. 
-After making my restroom an alter of prayer just now, this 25th of March 2017, prayerfully, I was thanking Holy Lords of Israel for anointing my sleep, those blessed dreams and visions. Fantastically, according to when the seven years are finished, meaning, if the two weeks and seven years appointed Hussein Obama expiring into Britain Cameron and the Brexit, 2015. Definitely taking the two final weeks of Obama's timetable, this end of western civilization, again expired, 2015. While I must ask, are mounting articles like these your failed leaders of every aspect way of telling you it's all over,.
-As of done, whereas achieving America was nothing short of hundreds of millions having stumbled upon what the Apostle Paul described as both this root of all evil into just a stumbling block of iniquity, Jesus bled to set us free from? Otherwise the night was spent this reminder with the dispensation of grace now finished, (The Church Age, America, The West), that once the seven years remaining 2017/18-20224/5 of the 70 weeks of years given the people of the prophet Daniel over two thousand three years past. It's to give you some idea why is it the most important finale into mankind's continuation as the people/heir of God.
-Hence forth spinning us right into the sounding of the seventh angel and the release of the stone cut out without hands revealed lately as having the surface of a meteor and as being the antichrist murderer, so, make no mistake, as damned are those marked by him. -So as I was sorely blessed upon last night, least I forget read both here, wwww.2015zechariaholivet.blogspot, certainly of Elohim never changing. Like I told my oldest son lately, there is never a time He isn't God, and here, the whole world of believers being reference by Holy Spirits as the Bride of the Lamb, whose presence the marriage supper of the Lamb has come, see more here, wwww.lordususalem.blogspot.com. 
     -Resoundingly at being completely honest, that by the advancement of forth telling, Holy Spirits have already demonstrated what the opening of the Lamb's book of life, as described by Apostle John, Rev. 20. With fear and trembling just this phenom of an event, one that unsurpassed anything of men evil devices of them refusing to repent, as god inquired of the prophet Jeremiah, can a leopard change his spots? Wonderfully of God commending His love, only by the blood of the lamb, remarkably now on to what this blessed event will be like, that when this book as prophesied was open, an unpronounceable roll call was being made of it's unfathomable keepsake. 
     -That each time a name was called miraculously these well sort pages it would rise ever so slowly from this ancient scroll and fitter and float away into without question these heavenly places. Explaining His needful departure, that it was so all other prophecies, especially the Holy Ghost arrival, leading into all truth would be as it may. His, Jesus being the spirit of prophecy, this would include this final week of Daniel, that except the Bride ascend to assignments holy heaven bound. Just as I explained, such the beyond extraordinary is why this week is mightily important, that for thousands of years of promised peace on earth. 
     -You all must agree, which has brought nothing but rivers of blood all the more, whose hour of reaping was shown once, as fire from prison, as a sword targeting then president Bush. Just as recently seen additionally as a grim reaper, baring a sword-like syringe, destroying mightily even as the people poured into streets of stampeding. As so detected as this great swordsman deemed as this Gog and Magog of an Antichrist reign, which would destroy millions losing all that is treasured by them. A total of what isn't stored away in heaven of the Apostle Peter asking, knowing these immeasurable evils are among you, that staged to kill tens of millions US soil in only a short while, what manner of man ought you to be? 
     -Soon just as Obama's Administration was ending, as John witness a New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, I witness Christ's Millennium ascending. I admit, on the preeminence of inconceivable death tolls here and all around the world.
Though right into this miraculous ascension of authentic peace on earth, that made all nations angry knowing the end of the times, times and a half given them since the first ever king steeping with rage is burn out, true calm. True love, so crisp and clean is now invoked all across earth's lands and vast territories. 
     -His Wondrous reign and there is no army invented to prevent him, even Satan is locked away it's entire duration, truly blessed be the Lord Jesus. Until then. until Jesus' emergence, don't you get it? Nothing is going to stop the death tolls I witness, bearing the names of all Western leaders and Presidents old and new, it's tearing into the heaven this funeral reef of never to be told nor counted of the massiveness of death and dying, you, yours and your planet, just as Jesus said, only treasure's stored in heaven, as so your heart, hath any value at all.
     -I testified how I witness them, once popular shopping centers all transformed into bomb to fallout shelters, what's now happening to millions of Americans refusing to escape while they can. I know, Apostle keep telling you that, with some possibly asking, arguing what about you? You're not practicing this escape, only my fate has been given over to Jesus, completely, not doubting. When I tell you Holy Spirit these thirty years been showing me how as a member of the church bride I will be miraculously lifted out of these evils. Okay, okay, Never will I tell you not to be prepared nor not to prepare your house, family for the worse, those preparation left behind could then serve others.

     -Though the Brides escape has been prophesied on earth since Jesus promised the early disciples, mansions in heaven. Actually meaning it's to escape the worse times to come not just to US, but all soil, of earth's inhabitants, with tens of millions, in only so many months this mounting death toll. Although I didn't believe into a smirk at them, Holy spirits told me, even showed and demonstrated to me in the mid nineties this would happen, they talked of such great treasures, 1998, become so worthless, as not to be give them away. Awake, Apb, The RAM , beware, Apb 


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