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Freaky Friday

Prophecy Link

-There's something about giving warning, about the number 788, my 788th prophecy link, the song, don't let the green grass (sunshine) fool you, on the map, immense trials and tribulations ignored by man, persistently on the map 06/19/2011 -Seen to be looking into a Red Alert, a red alert that’s spreading across the land, A Voice Declaring: Volcano, dangers and disasters surrounding Volcanoes’ frightfully on the map 07/19/2011

Silence: Arise Sioux Noel Deburk

Come Out! 08/18/2011

-“I’m suppose to believe this?" "I was there, I watch the video with him, a John Moore," as one glancing into his notes, had he and brother Medicine Bow Sign stumbled upon a most startling video. “It was done in 2008, it’s about a discovery of a 10th planet, and the evacuation of tens of thousands to safety shel…