-Saints of the most high God, into pending tribulation saints, this is what I send my daughter, and all my siblings, I don't think they listen, but Jesus said blessed are those who do, see, Revelation 17, 18, as active right now, US soil, World Leaders!

Earthquakes. The earth been ringing like bells this week

     -Daughter, doing one of those sleepover dreams, right before the Hawaii missile scare and Michigan's meteor scare, and all the horrors going on with California. I was again warning people about these areas the Us Pacific West into Memphis Tn. Again, doing one of these dreams, your husband looked at me and said, moma, your worrying after me got the downtown news paper bells ringing, (like in this video referencing earthquakes, even a New Madrid earthquake). You all are not out of danger, I was suppose to warn this, days ago, ask when are you all coming to Georgia?

The Pale Horse of OUTBREAK!

The Warning Before The Reminder

     -I oddly, only a few days past warn of a pale horse judgment also pending US soil, then as I sat wondering why was I moved to stop everything I was doing, and do this. I mean I was watching for an unnumbered times, the series containment while contemplating the series, "the last ship. " Still, I sat contemplating, that which was to follow great troubles was a flu outbreak of some sorts, of it's seeming western day victims shaping their hands along a backward letter C. Only to learn after I made this post, just this forewarning of a deadly virus coming, how that very day or the day prior was the very anniversary of the worse world pandemic ever this earth. I even shared how so many I knew doing Christmas day were suffering with flu like elements and again I sat awed by this post to report, to warning. Those of you who follow my intrepid …
And I Heard In My Hearing, 2010, It's A Hit, Cities Hit, Guam Just Did It, beware, Apb

     -I, Apostle THEY call me, only know this, when by a dream 2003, this US General warn it's men not to be alarmed by a buildup of torture vehicles for as far as one could see, described as a dirty Mede. It is that he's referencing the revisitation of ancient beast, further rise, gone into prediction with Obama's, as so into total fruition with Trump's threatening the death of tens of millions. Of which is now Iran (Hussein/Islam), and it's once Medes and Persians territories all having reign these next seven years of the Prophet Daniels' timetable, right along America's, Westworld's come desolation to Jacob's (Israel's), ending troubles, even the world pending a Noah's Cousin any and every D-day now, beware, Apb, The RAM

  The Little Miya Girl Of Apocalypse Our Procrastinating Escape Vehicles, Indeed…

The Lambs Book Open Into A Roll Call, Census Taking, Beware, God Hath REMEMBERED!

-For they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth. Come out of her my people, for her sins have reached unto Heaven and I, Elohim God, Hath REMEMBERED, Her Iniquities... Eze. 8:12, Rev. 18:4, 5 Apb

Righteously Dividing The Enemy      -As I commented on this subject first hand, God's human, Adam and Eve, husband and wife is one of procreation, of reproduction so the samesex nor the transgender lifestyle, it's LGBTQ movement isn't of God, it's of rebellion, Satan even demons, beware. Herein Trump's ban is totally off this planet hypocritical, his Supreme Court legalized what to God are abominations so, well, righteously divided this ban. Clearly you would have to include all fornication, all those in and out of non natural, none marital affairs, all, all ungodliness is sin, not just those of President Trump's to Religious, Political leaders choices.
     -My grandson and I his choice, we were sitting watching the Bible se…
Who You Calling A Closet, Who You Calling A Sickbed? Well My Sins Are Not On Judgement Here, Christ's Cross Beg To Differ!

     -So Trump's were false allegations or clever diversions? There is not a good man upon the earth, that doeth good and sinneth not, all gone before thieves and robbers. Whereas either judged or weighed at their transgressions are a resignation to an impeachment with commanded reapers pending. So there's that evil about draining the swamp, as the days of the spirit seeing his reflection upon cataclysms happening there's a reflective keynote about it all, as reflective as those two crystallized Godzilla monsters I dd see, is the key word, here. Undoubtedly so not a new thing, pots and kettles, wolves and serpents, elephants, arks and little Miya girls in much need escape vehicles, the Supreme Elohim obviously with His Throne of offense backed entirely into them, entirely, no more hearing, seeing nor socializing, Jesu…
-Just The Touch Of Jesus' Hem, If Your Broken Blood Offend You Cut It Off, Arrive In Heaven Redeemed

Fan or Follower, Decide!

     -About some twenty years ago this was my family and I, only we were all gathered the waiting room and the one in the hospital bed, declared brain dead by a sudden aneurysm was my only thirty something sister-in-law, strangely whose mom had suffered an alike attack around the same age and had not survived it. So here we all where, hearts sunken into sour bellies of unimaginable fright and regret and I, the known believer, prayer between both families. Soon in the middle of that waiting room, I gathered all hands together and I prayed a prayer like never before, I explained to God how it is her, my sister's blood was broken. You know, like the woman with the issue of blood crying along a vast, vast crowd if only she could touch but the hem of his garment, she know she would…

So Not Clueless, Not Sleeping, Not Even Americans Anymore, Get Ye To Repentant Altars, God As Usual, Is Not Mocked!

-Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest, 12/15/2017
All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven, Preparing The Specialty Stone, The Antichrist Murderer

     -Listening To: Nat king Cole, The Boy That Santa Claus Forgot,, And Kelly Clarkson, and Kenny Rodgers, homemade Christmas,

     -The Roar Of The Lion, The Speed Of The Leopard, The Mockery Of The Demon Dog, In A Number Like The Grains Of Sand, The Fallen Will Follow, Will Wallow, This Fall, Rev.20:8

     -I Witnessed Israel Cater To A Leader, A world Rule By The Name Of Hamath, (Islamic/Antichrist Reign), Is That Related To Hamas?

Prophecy Links

     -I Still Hear In My Ear, So Sadly Announced, Of Trump's Now Come, But "Theirs' Is A Nuclear Fate," Seen A Fury of God Cast At Him, There Is No More The Making Of America Great! Trumps A Truexit, Escape!

     -As The Da…