Early To Mighty The Fields Are White Unto Harvest, 03/22/2018, 4;20, am,
All Hail To The Bride Reigning In Heaven, Readying The Antichrist Murderer

Hello, Anybody Out There?

The Little Miya Girl Of Come A Translation Into A New Era For A Toll Of Two Quarters,


     -The Secrets Of Memphis, Egypt, Tennessee, 1811, Is Hussein Obama Come A Moses or A Muhammad, Is The New Madrid Fault, The New Sleeping Giant? and here

     -Russia is not Gog, see here, www.daniel, although…
Article... It is all very mysterious, Article...

     -After millennias of forewarnings right into this present hour, cataclysms are come, I should think all such mystery is wiped away. That all we have now is unbelief to denial to rebellion, as so that most dangerous. Just as the attitude of the people doing Noah's day, a prescribed normalcy bias upon an approaching Noah (NOAA's) Cousin, threatening tens of millions. All have sinned, all need to repent to Jesus, who is God manifested in the flesh, or perish, no longer is there a mystery, Beware, Apb, The RAM
Hello, Anybody Out There? And God Hath Commended His Love Toward Mankind, Jesus The Way, Truth And The Life, Jesus, "The One" -I'm reminded of the backward running clock of years 1996, the one I saw under the death rider that was to come, I witnessed as the earth just open and this mighty bringer of mortuary just leaped right out of it, The clock I saw under him, as I said, was ticking not forward but backward and it was at a sixtieth year, it's 69th. It then make sense that the RAM's Ministry began at the end of the church age, by a live demonstration of Jesus with wings appearing along the great gathering of saints, now taken off to heaven, (Spring 1986). I guess you can say sorta like a movie that begins at the end and then rewind it all to the beginning so you then understand how we end up at this point; thus the Matr…
-Dont fear said weather forcastor and leaders like the Roman Pope and those of money ministries. Pretty much everyone of them standung in the way of your inundated with forewarnings that you escape. its not the end of the world they say, when so plainly as the days of Noah it is. Whereas commanded reapers bearing natures worst right into a Noah's Cousin and 99 bowls of molten Lava is gonna make sure you take notice.
  Again you their profit, they stand in the way of divine progress, calling it non-sense, when uts God's nature these many millennia. Though Jesus, actually describing Apostle Paul's endtime great falling away, other evidence that the rapture is come. So not only did Jesus instruct you to pray for divine interventions of escape. Not only did He tell you to run from these people, God traget them. He gave you a to do list, how as a runner, dont come down from your porches into your houses again.
    - Pray your flight isnt in the winter, nor on the sabbath d…

But When The Fullness Of Time Hath Come, America, West Rule Decline

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     -I was visited upon three nights by the seventh angel trumpet, Revelation 17, bearing the seven vials, saying, warning so urgently January 26th-29th, no more doomsday passovers, no further delay US soil, beware the midwest, the eastern seaboard as well as the inundated with such forewarnings US/Canada West Pacific, beware, Apb

Casting A Fury As The Days Of Prophet Ezekiel's Rise Of Gog and Magog At Trump's 2016 Campaigning, ("fifty million will die," 2002-2017)

As The Days Of Noah's Earth Then, As The Hours (NOAA's), Cousin, Right Now!

     -These 10 seeming extreme to ob…
Texas Bombings, make this comment go viral

Seen to be seeing the sky, crystallize, break and crack apart, and fall, crashing down as huge shod's, seen to be seeing two crystallized, amphibian beast as well, ancient beast reign come, apb, the RAM, see Rev. 6, 6th seal, Rev. 13, Apb

Ridiculous! Let No Man Deceive You

     -Knowing these 30 plus years such horrors and worst are now come, I was yet flabbergasted and heart broken by this report. Then I thought this bomer's efforts, as all to maintain its American Dream, its like throwing rocks or shooting bullets at an approaching asteroid, beware the life you take isn't yours and tens of millions of others, US soil alone. A commanded extinction level event, clearly with US soil its primary target and only one of many, so apparently while building your dream house right alongside Noah building the Ark; only no more doomsday passovers, any Matrix d-day now, its tenth…
Hello, Anybody Out There?

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     -And I Heard in my hearing, Jan. 26-29th, 2018,  as to be  visited by the seventh angel trumpet, Rev. 17, saying, crying, "no more doomsday passovers US soil, no further delay, beware the midwest, the eastern seaboard, as well as the inundated with such forewarnings, US/Canada West Pacific, beware, Apb, tens of millions procrastinating escape into the southeast, will die!

     -And I Heard In My Hearing, A Week Or So Past, 2018,  "10.2 Earthquake,  A Major, Major Earthquake, West, Pacific, Canada!"

     -Hello dutchsinse,  I found this video like thirty minutes ago, I'm commenting because it verifies a dream I had only a couple nights ago, in short I invited people to what comme a vacated church barbecue. Only by …