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-There's something about giving warning, about the number 788, my 788th prophecy link, the song, don't let the green grass (sunshine) fool you, on the map, immense trials and tribulations ignored by man, persistently on the map 06/19/2011 -Seen to be looking into a Red Alert, a red alert that’s spreading across the land, A Voice Declaring: Volcano, dangers and disasters surrounding Volcanoes’ frightfully on the map 07/19/2011

Silence: Arise Sioux Noel Deburk

Come Out! 08/18/2011

-“I’m suppose to believe this?" "I was there, I watch the video with him, a John Moore," as one glancing into his notes, had he and brother Medicine Bow Sign stumbled upon a most startling video. “It was done in 2008, it’s about a discovery of a 10th planet, and the evacuation of tens of thousands to safety shelters by at least December 2010." "This is what he said, December 2010?” “Yeah, almost knocked me out of my seat, ---did big brother knock me out of my seat." "But May didn’t get this date until March 2010, and you’re saying this is the month and year this nation,---make that this world." " I mean, this was a world event and thus a world effort, so Holy Spirits were showing her what was being planned for the future, how in the beginning of this millennium they were expecting an extinction level event (ELE)?" "I mean Apache this is the same thing we thought when it was revealed how the brown dwarf star was discovered in guess what, December 2010?" "Again, the same year Maaseiah predicted the end of the free-world, this can’t be a coincidence, ---especially Medicine since we don’t believe in them, Holy Spirits were just revealing to her what they were planning and had been planning for years.” “Then there’s this conspiracy theory surrounding the name of the supposedly one discovering the brown dwarf, Lenoid Elenin." "They Lion say his first name mean meteor shower, one caused by a comet, and his last name." “Well especially the first three letters, represent ELE, or extinction level event Nibiru is near." "What are the chances to the exact date and month Maaseiah predicted the end of this nation and free-world that in 2008 they’d chosen the same exact month and year two years prior?” “This mean Lenoid Elenin could be code for a meteor extinction event and people are just so disillusioned by this world, getting, obtaining and maintaining this world they just can’t get it, the truth hiding in plain sight as his guy, John Moore related over and again.” “God, all I can hear right now is revelation 18th chapter, ‘come out of her my people, that you be not partaker of her sins, that you receive not of her plagues, for her sins have reached unto heaven and God hath remembered her iniquities.’ “You all know, how her plagues shall come in one day, fire, vapor of smoke, how she shall be utterly destroyed by fire.” “The supreme as this witness like you Sioux in the month of May, you know why you wrote Silence, all yesterday all I could think about was something bad, super-bad and earth-shattering is about to happen.” “I know Cheyenne man, I know, look, what about the twins?” “O they’re here, they’re unpacking, can’t wait to get to work, Ant Hill Tree and Eagle Hill Pass Askew, yeah Ant Hill told me how he got that name, said his father took a rest under a tree and got up covered with ants, yeah I’ve heard that story many times.” “I don’t think it’s safe anymore, what?
"Being somewhere other than the African Juttah, I mean what are we thinking?” “The marriage supper can’t be that far off, and here we are thousands of miles away from our destination.” “I mean we don’t have to be here for the Paris Globe, we are the Paris Globe, it goes wherever we go.” “So tell me more, ahhh Yellowstone Park, what about it?” “I don’t know man, while I was in the shower yesterday I was assured how every volcano on this planet, every earthquake fault is showing some signs of activity, how they’re all prepared to erupt, this after a day of not being able to shake Yellowstone.” “Yeah but don’t forget Lion said he heard a voice say, this fact finding mission declare how it was something similar to Yellowstone, so what are some of the other potential super volcanoes?” “Ah you guys, Maasieah is here, what?” Getting their attention immediately at not believing him, at cutting eyes of awareness up and all around, and for a certainty there she was. “ I got here guys as soon as I could,” as one removing her jacket into a seat, was she as always this benumbing without proper narrative creature of them all.” “I will get straight to the point, the end hath come, just imagine everything the Christ, Lord forewarn us to look to as signs of the end has and is even as we speak come to pass.” “So much so, all you now hear him say is “and then shall the end come,” this very hour, I was reassured of just yesterday is this end, totally without question.” “So much so we need to implement the African Septennial, (forewarn people about the marriage supper of the Lamb), we have to be positive, I know Apache, I know that better than you, but I am certain.” “You remember how only a few days ago we were wondering whether we’d entered into the final seven years of this age, or the final three and a half years of the anti-Christ reign, ---as you Maaseiah has prophesied this entire month.” “Although I was pretty certain, you Sioux and I were, yet there was still this bit of doubt, as we weren’t sure whether the man of sin reign was included in the 15.10 year timeline.” “Though remember when the Holy Spirits were clarifying these things to John, breaking down the world nations past, and those to come, they included the antichrist reign as the eighth kingdom.” “Anyway I’m here to reassure you, you can forget the doubt, Holy Spirits reassured me, we were no longer to consider the old time line of seven years, like a poster hanging on the wall they yanked it down and replaced it with the timeline at present.’ “That we are my brothers in Christ definitely entering into the last three and a half years of the anti-Christ reign and a concert of world disasters this planet has never seen before or shall ever see again, meaning the great gathering of saints is mightily upon us all.” “Wow, that’s why you dropped everything and you’re miraculously here, but man want Gods people to think they’re controlling world events right down to natural disasters upon this earth and from the heavens above, but they’re greatly mis-taken". "This is the fulfillment of the sixth seal, where the people are crying to the mountains fall on us, (meaning mountainous fallout and underground shelters)and
hide us from the face of the one who sit on the throne, for the great day of his wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand? So instead of a massive, truly inconceivable, never seen before in this country red alert to escape to especially underground, fully prepared shelters.” "As so could there be an alert to simply make them ready for the worst ever that’s to come, stock your cupboards and all as food, water and other natural resources will be scarce or non-existant." " They’ve instead chosen denial, and encouraged the people to as well choose denial or there’ll be nationwide panic, but they’ve made themselves and their families ready.” “This isn’t just about a panic nation spoiling an already dismal economy, this is about keeping Gods people from flocking by the masses to the repentant alters as well, that people in worsen trials are to acknowledge God, ---wow Maasieah, I didn’t consider that, that’s more of a Satanic agenda.” “There’s something about Friday, something about a freaky Friday, it’s been in my head for the last three or more days, well there’s an Elenin alignment coming up around that time.” “Around the 28th, Elenin, the Sun and Mars, they’ve predicted solar-fares, the last time they predicted them, the largest doing this Solar cycle were detected.” “We’re to remember the Christ did as well prophesy how in the end days there would be detectable changes in the sun and the moon, so again it’s all a fulfillment of biblical prophecy were our Lord God is in full control.” “Yeah, instead of people getting their homes in order, it’s their immortal souls by Christ’s cross they need be concern with, the alters of repentance and reconciliation Maaseiah, as you say.

-That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers/Embers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry, The RAM

Five Are Fallen

And there are seven kings (Kingdoms),five are fallen (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo Persia and Greece), and one is (the Roman Empire in John’s day). And the other is not yet come (the Arab Emirates), and when he come he must endure a short space, and the beast that was and is not, even he is the eighth (the anti-Christ reign, whose to ascend out what was the Old Assyrian Empire) Revelation 17:10-18


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Freaky Friday

A Voice Declaring: “There something about an approaching Freaky Friday, the place, phrase, or incident Freaky Friday on the map 08/22/2011
A Voice Declaring: “The End of the world, there’s something about the end of the world as we know it, the fall of peace and safety continually on the map 07/27/2011
A Voice Declaring: “no where around volcano glorious explosions, active volcano domes on the map 07/27/2011
A Voice Declaring: “I don’t care what you say or what you do, get back to Shelby County, the positioning of natural disasters mightily on the map 08/04/2011

Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: John Starnes: When He Was On The Cross

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, And Get Us The Victory

Except The Lord Builds The House Psalm 127:1

A Ministry Above


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