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Articles... JURISDICTIONS... Articles And They Will Know, I AM God -Jurisdiction, I am here reminded I got this as a word a few days ago, I remember thinking, asking, what does that mean? That it remind me of the two part word "turf wars," even of Angels making mockery of men. Of those vainly placing their names to identities on such temporary things, even Trump being worth 3 + Billion, just so ridiculous. -Its like something on this planet besides death, dying and damnation actually belong to them. The unimaginable celebrations behind the seventh angel trumpet, Rev. 11, and the 24 elders casting their crowns in all likeness is because God and His Anointed alone hath this reign and the nations are angry at Them, See Ps. 2. -As so am I reminded of the Apostle Peter's description of exploding atoms, see II Pet. 3:10, see the movie, (Knowing), how they're to destroy this planet by unimaginable infernos, then he asked, knowing this, what sort of men/mankind ought you to be? -Please, being like him, and you being my labor of love day and night these 31 years, let me answer that, saved by the blood of the Specialty Lamb, Jesus the Christ, right? I was in a celebration in heaven, stalled by a silence there, when just as soon a light like the sun, moved from behind a mountain God's Throne and said, "let my people go," (tell my people the truth, Jesus Is). P. S. We're nearing the end of a 28 day countdown as of March 3rd, the one ending the first of March showed America and Asian enemies in like this face-off, just this tug of nuclear war. So just how serious is N. Korea, China, even Russia, the nukes I witnessed fall down into the earth doing the Rapture, just whose where they? Beware, Apb, The RAM, see,


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