Beast Of Beauty, The Come Millennium Reign Of Christ

     -There's something about eggs and buckets of blood, 2016, see Bill Gates warning of a new contagion that's to kill tens of millions, beware, Apb 

   -Well, didn't you read, hear? Some 84% of American Parents encourages it, for which I replied don't do me and my family any ill-gotten gain as this, God is targeting such abominations. Rather, beware of the command that all parents be killed by a certain date, 09/21/2016, with something cataclysmic pending US soil, Dec. 2001- Oct. 2017. 

     -Unquestionably, It is no different than the days of Moses, when all first born were to be targeted, having no respect to age, such horrors of which even included their cattle. Surely as they were instructed of Elohim God by Moses only those covered or marked, that is by a certain Lamb of God. No doubt, were like as those presently awaiting the Righteous Brides's escape, were miraculously spared this come out break of mortuary. Beware, Always,, Apb The RAM, see more here, 


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