The Beast Of Beauty That We Live and Die In

I learn Long Ago This Is A Beast Of Beauty that we live in,  

   -All I see is there pain, anguish and near to abandonment make them strong, powerful and endearing, as do all trials when one is to wedge spiritual faithfulness and natural commitment against them. Clearly it's why though I was to realize a great rider of death, just this outbreak of mortuary was come, I, the believer was to trust, delight and commit to God's promises of standing firmly thereupon. All while Americans automatic lives and living make them weak, additive dependent, addicted to drugs, alcohol, both illegal and prescription, just this pandemic. Additions to sexual abnormalities, into this animal to demonic instinct of creatures, less and less this human being. How even food consumption has become a second by second entertainment on their tongues until they've become some of the most sickly, malignant and mentally disturbed to violent people on the map of daily crying for more and more gain getting blood.
    -I must ask and you must answer how is the supposedly celebrity to elite then better off, it is madness to have all the money in the world into having learn the sky actually is the limit. Instead of rising against them into assassinating him, his proposed Untied States of Africa, needed right now with  the US of A ending and a world stampeding into closed borders everywhere. These Gazillion heirs to million heirs should've join ranks with Colonial Qaddafi's plot of doing something worthy of notice. I mean truly what else is there to be done with these ridiculous amounts of money? Instead of staging traps for the determined to be unworthy human, even god man, of which they've only entrapped themselves, now the Antichrist is poised only a few years from now to kill millions as millions go broke, seeming their wealth and celebrity this all powerful despot, primary target.
     -Just thinking with the Colonial creation of a united states of African, and Obama' ties with portions of African, it's born son. Now the most powerful man on the planet supposedly evacuating Americans out of cataclysmic events targeting them by 2017, just as the Colonial's.dream is realized, o what perfect exodus this could have been. I'm here reminded of something Jesus said to the religious leaders one day, how they like all religious to political leaders today worship God with their words, even their tweets but their hearts are far from Him. It stands to reason, as Jesus stood off from them and said, you, you search the scripture, they being learn men, just as these presently, again you search for life to soul saving answers, but you won't come to me, the prince of peace, salvational ark, the only good death, that you're to finally find this single solution that God Is.
    -The woman at Jacob's well went on and on about the great prophet to messiah that would come, lead them into the all truth and finally Jesus explained the one you're speaking to I am He. In me you might have peace, in the world you shall have tribulation, but be of cheer, I have overcome the world, Yes even the Gazillion to Trillion airs money profit them nothing as Jesus is the finisher for damnation to salvation of all the souls of men, I wonder and so should you, do seeming sorely distressed persons feature this inconceivable story know. Clearly do they realize that we the wealthy, the America, The all famed Free world are more in trouble than they are, that we need more interception toward God's throne of them, apparently of the righteous, as only the lamentations of the righteous availeith much at God's Throne. So our, America's request, no more damn deception, let us see the America Dream for the corruptible, idolatrous whore of religion, it truly is, gain is more than pain it's soul consuming to mind stripping, to heart gripping torture of rebelling against the divine reality that Jesus' reign alone is sweet deliverance, blessed is he who come in the name of the Lord, Elohim.


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