O Dear What Can The Matter Be?

     -There's something about the tune, song, "O Dear, What Can The Matter Be? 2017, I mean with the cut out stone seen to have the surface of a meteor and the constant threat of Nibiru tape NEO's threatening, lets take these lyrics as a forewarning, Apb).

Let No Man Deceive You, Stop Opposing Jesus' Alter, Repent!

  -I'm reminded of Jesus telling the disciples seeing the religious leaders building as they will, to let no man, nor president deceive you. Nothing is as it seem, man look through a glass darkly, having his mind seared, veils and all, with said birth defects only done away in Christ Jesus. Again nothing is as it seem, this truth is why I was able to predict a Hussein white house in 2003 and witness the two beast of revelation 13, one from land and one from sea rise just as he did, not only did I further witness him be declared "the one," he was given a time table expired 2015 of two weeks and seven years.
     -This mean just as President Bush went over there with his war against the axis of evil to finish Hussein, not only was God by bible prophecy placing Hussein in the white house, and making him the most powerful man in Christendom to Religion. Politics. Here by bible prophecy concerning Hussein I additionally witness seeing Jesus' Millennium follow not Trumps but his, Obama's, meaning all world events are unto the final week of Daniel as though Trumps wasn't a matter or it's simply illegitimate, be aware as God Himself, Apb, The RAM, see here, www.2016thepalehorse92ad2001ad.blogspot.com  

"There's something about eggs and buckets of blood," 2017, (truly see what Bill Gates is forewarning, whose predicted death toll is only like 20 million short, to a few months over drawn, beware! Apb And When He Had Open The Fourth Seal, I Heard The Beast Say, Come And See www.thelightofbeowulf2017.blogspot.com -This abomination giving into abominations is far greater than an attempt to break up the family, the Holy Spirit describes it as in the days of Sodom an attempt to genocide the woman seed Jesus into the Genesis man heir to God's throne. According to God's word, if the man isn't to look too much like a woman, nor the woman too much like a man, how can you ever in a million years justify the same sex, to transgender, to the binary human being? Simply you can't, not were God's Righteousness by Christ Cross of truth and grace along the new birth of Spirit and heart is concern. We're to then lean tremendously on the Apostle Paul's forewarning, that though he or an angel from heaven come bringing us any perception of godliness other than that of Christ's Cross, let them be accursed. -These evils are all the better to judge them with, though I heard an urgent command 09/21/2016 that all parents be killed by a certain date, whereas just prior I'd been made a party to a physically overwhelming census taking, with cataclysms pending by Oct. 2017. For more clarity see the days of Moses when all the first born of a prudent Egypt were to be killed, whereas only a particular slain Lamb's blood marking for life, (census taking), would cause this grim reaper to pass over them. Christ Jesus' wrath, by God's revelation threatens the leader to parents of sexual-abnormalities to either be cast into a sickbed of wishful death; to the worse of tribulations ever, whereas the child of said detestation is to be meet simply with death, except there's repentance. Beware, Apostle keep telling you that for a reason, hell hath enlarged itself, millions damned. As so millions pending the pale horse with Hades allying come in only a few months, that's of urgent making of choices hopefully rooted in Christ' Cross, be aware as God, Himself, let no man deceived you, Apb, The RAM, even see here, www.seecollinhain2016.blogspot.com

Prophecy Links A Voice: "Yours Is A Nuclear Fate," the stone cut out without hands, released by the Bride, demolishing the West, on the map, 2016, Apb A Voice, "99 bowls of Molten Lava," the end of all things as we've known them these thousands of years, now ending, 2016, Apb Seen to be seeing the word treasure, all black and blasted, the fall of wealth, fame and prosperity on the map, 2016, Apb Trump White house, Fall On Us, Hide Us, God's Wrath Is Come US Soil www.thesevenvials2016.blogspot.com -Imagine King Belshazzar's face, (Dan. 5), not only as he witness that hand writing on the wall, mene, mene Tekel Upharsin, but Daniel's sharp, unbending explanation, how His, Babylon's King, Belshazzar had been numbered, found not only guilty, but was he as one whose time had lapsed into that very night. This apostle is afraid the same is true for America, especially this year of 2017, now that a 15.10 year timetable, Christmas night, 2001 is ending. Their own hand writing on the wall, Jer. 37:8, 1998, lapses in only months from now, it's own destructive finale along various cataclysms with plenty of warnings going out to them. -This had to be how Jesus was feeling, Mat. 24, the disciples, anxious about the building of the Jerusalem temple, this new. stunning beginning, (see Trump's White House), and Jesus reminding them, let no man deceive, there shall not be one stone left upon another, ("America, Britain, seperate them into itty, bitty pieces," 2005). I must say, the truth does indeed hurt, pound self into the dust, your voting booths/churches, guns, and bombs into repentant alters, Jesus' Millennium alone hath reign, come now is the final week of Daniel, the greatest of Jacob's to Ismail's troubles ever or ever again, Beware, Apb. see more here, www.daniel534bc2017ad.blogspot.com www.dove2013.blogspot.com


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